Thursday, August 11, 2011

Walt's Skull

Following a lecture that I gave to the San Antonio chapter of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), in November of 2008, legendary UFO figure Walt Andrus came up to me and produced a skull that he had been told was that of a Texas Chupacabra. Walt added it had been given to him by an associate, who had shot the completely hairless animal some months earlier.

Several weeks after chatting with Walt, a colleague of his – John Schwab, who runs the San Antonio MUFON chapter - mailed the very same skull to me, which, in October 2009, was filmed at my house by a team from the National Geographic Channel’s Paranatural series, who were in the process of making a documentary on the Chupacabra – of both Texas and Puerto Rico.

Mercifully, the mail-man had no idea what he was delivering!

By the way, I'm on the left and that's the skull on the right...


  1. Will you be doing any DNA testing for the documentary?

    I refer to the item on the right, but testing on either or both would be fine.

    Best wishes.

    Tyler Kokjohn

  2. Hey Tyler

    LOLOL, DNA testing me might well throw up some oddities!!

    No, the skull wasn't DNA tested, but others were, and they were shown to be Coyote, which we know most of the "Texas Chupacabra" are.

    However, they don't just appear to be regular coyotes with mange, as has been suggested. For example, some seem to have abnormally short front-limbs and extended teeth. But it's definitely a controversial area.