Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sasquatch Graffiti

I'm still not sure if the message on this old building is intended for Bigfoot, or if we're supposed to believe that Bigfoot actually wrote it!

Anyway, whatever the truth, I photographed it just before last Christmas - somewhere in the desert.

Give humanity a chance? Whoever knew Bigfoot was such a flower-waving hippie?

Could it get any worse? Probably - this is a good indication that Bigfoot listens to folk-music or some such similar puny acoustic nonsense. The hairy chap has definitely gone downhill, in my estimation.


  1. Pssst! Nick...come on over HERE, man...take a few pulls on my hookah

    That's primo Hash, my friend, filtered through Jamain Rum....

    Go ahead, man...take another hit or seven and BE a "head"...

    Like wow, man....now look at this mandala...far OUT, nicht war? I borrowed it from my friend Lord Nelson...it's actually NELSON'S MANDALA

    Look...see? It is HERE: http://www.davidjohnberlin.com/pix/gal-03/sarasani/sarasvati-animation.gif

    Aum Shiva Shivaya
    Hare Hare Ganja

    Oh...far OUT, man! Sasquatch and the Manwolf just popped through the wall with some mushrooms for us...

    After you...mate...after you...

    Hekas Hekas Este Bebeloi!


  2. That was near Salvation Mountain in Southern Cal. We were there for that documentary.

  3. Cool, thanks Greg! I couldn't remember the exact name of the area.