Tuesday, August 16, 2011

From Sea, To Air, To Bookshelf

While in Florida recently, I was pleased to find this cool-looking dude (or what was left of him or her) washed-up on the beach after a few days of storms.

Dana groaned loudly, shook her head, and waved her arms when I told her I was adopting it and bringing it home. But, it was all to no avail. My mind was made up!

Most amazing of all (given its undeniably vicious spike), the good folk at the airport let me bring it on the plane! Not that I had any intention of doing anything with it, of course, aside from putting it on one of my book-shelves - which is where it still sits as I write these very words.

But, when you can take that thing above on a plane, but your granny or little child has to be intrusively patted-down by some grim-faced security official, you know the world has really lost the plot...


  1. By the Gods! What you've found there is a TRILOBITE! A (recently) Living example of a species of marine arthropod!

    They found one of those on Odo Island back in 1956, you may remember.

    I expect sightings of something rather large off the Florida coast any day now! :-)

  2. I wanna see a Godzilla-sized one rise up and trash a big city!