Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Contactee Coincidence or Synchronicity?

On a cold and windswept Sunday morning in early December 2009, I was sitting on the couch, reading the newly-surfaced account of a person who - in the 1970s - had a Contactee-style experience that in many ways paralleled the 1952 claimed encounters of Truman Bethurum, whose claims I related in my Contactees book.

According to Bethurum, on a number of occasions at a place called Mormon Mesa, Nevada, he met with a group of aliens - led by their Captain, the hot and shapely Aura Rhanes - from a planet supposedly called Clarion.

Of course, like most of the stories of the Contactees, Bethurum’s was highly controversial and it attracted just about as many believers as it did disbelievers. But, as I noted in my book, I was firmly of the opinion that Bethurum had an interaction with something. The precise nature of that something is, of course, a matter of deep debate and personal interpretation.

Anyway, after I put away the file on this newly-surfaced story that very much reminded me of Bethurum’s experiences with the Clarionites, Dana asked if I could help her try and find her digital-camera which she had misplaced. We looked high and low, but failed to find it. But, while checking behind the TV set - to see if the camera had perhaps fallen there - I came across Dana’s high-school yearbook for 1982.

What on earth - or off it - does all this have to do with the Contactees, you may justifiably ask? Okay, I’m coming to that.

Although Dana is a U.S. citizen, she actually grew up in the Cayman Islands and graduated from school there.

I picked up the yearbook, with the intention of moving it to one side while I looked around for the camera, and was startled by something that I had never noticed before (admittedly it had been at least 7 or 8 years since I last looked at the yearbook). The cover of the book read: 82 Clarion.

Of course, skeptically-minded souls might say this was all some bizarre coincidence. I did, however, find it decidedly odd that after spending about two-hours reading a report very similar to that of Truman Bethurum and his friends from Clarion, that I should then - immediately afterwards, no less - stumble across a book with that very word - Clarion - adorned across its front-cover.

Thoughts, anyone? Coincidence? Synchronicity? Have I flipped my English lid?


  1. Ever hear philosopher Colin Wilson talk about "the Melchizedek Coincidence" which he shared with Jacques Vallee? (I'll try to send you an audio file of that if I can find it). One thing is sure...High Strangeness is everywhere you look when you look with the right kind of eyes.

  2. Nook: Yeah, I have. That's like an absolute classic synchronicity!

  3. The coincidence is a bit weak. You were not reading Bethurum's account but a later account which you say resembled Bethurum's (but presumably also differed from it as well). The word 'clarion' sprang to mind from this association. Soon afterwards, you came across a lost booklet with this word in its title.

    Sorry, but I am unimpressed. Admittedly, people have different views about such oddities.

    I recommend Warren Weaver's "Lady Luck", chapter 13 as an eye-opener.

  4. CDA:

    This is precisely why in both the post-title and at the very end of the post I posed the whole thing as a question: is it synchronicity or coincidence?

    The truth is I don't know. Some might say there is no such thing as synchronicity - some might say the same about coincidence!

    But, at the end of the day, I don't know, hence why I specifically asked "Coincidence or Synchronicity?" rather than demand that people accept it as synchronicity.

    I find it interesting. But it's really no big deal that changes my life or keeps me awake at night. Just something I thought some might be intrigued to see. That's all.

  5. There is no such thing as coincidence...only plans other entities make and don't tell you about.

  6. Got something for your synchronicity files, Nick. As you know I've just finished a post about Richard Shaver which I entitled "Dero and the Dominos" in my whimsical way.
    Today to relax, I decide to listen to one of Art Bell's old "Ghost to Ghost" broadcasts which I recently downloaded but have never heard. 1 hourand 34 minutes into the show the bumper song is "Layla".
    The show was from February 29, 2000