Friday, August 26, 2011

The Beastly Bench

While I certainly go out looking for a lot of strange and monstrous beasts, I usually draw the line at trying to sit on them! But, occasionally, I'll make an exception.

While lecturing at a library near to where I used to live in England about 12 years ago, I was very pleased to find that rather than having normal benches for people to sit on outside, theirs were fashioned as long-necked creatures from the dinosaur era!

And here's one of them - a highly refreshing alternative to the dull, unimaginative, humorless state of mind that usually dominates the world of governmental bureaucracy.

In fact, I'm surprised that some grim-faced, jack-booted member of the "Nanny State" didn't demand its removal, just in case someone tripped over the tail and chipped a toe-nail.


  1. Imagine hurling that in a lake and taking shots with an old 2 megapixel camera?!

  2. Yeah, that would definitely create a whole new lake-monster legend!