Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Radical Decision

I have come to what some might consider a radical decision! As you may know, I have so many blogs right now that it's sometimes hard to keep track of what's going on and where. So, I am bringing all my current blogs to a halt. I'm not deleting them. But, I am folding them as of today. In their place, I have set up a new blog titled Nick Redfern's Fortean World. Yeah, I know: it's hardly the most original or imaginative title, but it is accurate and to the point! So, from now on, while all my existing blogs will remain archived, here's the address for the new blog, Nick Redfern's Fortean World. As you'll see, the design and style has not been completed yet, and there's no content yet either. But, bear with me, and over the next few days you'll see it start to develop its life and character!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Posts: Where Are They?

A few people have asked me why no new posts lately? Well, the answer is simple: the photos I have readily available and that could be considered weird have now all been posted! But, I do have 1000s more boxed-up. As soon as I have time to get them out of the boxes (not an easy task when they are stacked high and not easily accessible!), I'll go through them all and then start posting again - probably in a week or two...