Monday, August 29, 2011

The M5 Giant

A Goliath-sized British Bigfoot out for a stroll? A giant alien stretching its arms and legs after a long flight from a far-away star-system?


It's actually a statuesque, cool and slightly enigmatic creation that stands in a large field as you zoom along England's M5 Motorway!


  1. A pity we missed that dinosaur peeping over a bridge, eh Nick?

    I looked for it this year, without any luck (mind you, I also failed to spot the camels, so maybe my observation wasn't up to much)

  2. Damn! Maybe it got broken down? Hope not!

  3. Statuesqye like hell...I think I know Rawhead Rex when I see him!!!

  4. As far as I can tell, the M5 camels and the dinosaur are both carnival float decorations, and the owners show them off when not on a carnival float as and when they feel like it. So, that dino being there was likely a one-off.