Monday, August 22, 2011

UFOs At Roswell?

I took this photo back in the summer of 2001 - at the old base at Roswell, New Mexico where, it has long been maintained, alien bodies and the remains of their craft were taken after crashing in the desert outside of town. Well, of course, that much we all know!

But, how many people know that strange-looking craft were still housed at Roswell as late as 2001?

Here they are!

Well...okay...I can't lie. They aren't real UFOs. Nor are they even sophisticated remotely-piloted vehicles (RPVs) of the military.

It's a shame to burst the conspiratorial bubble, but the far more down-to-earth truth is that they are just mock-up-style tributes to the Roswell saga created by some of the staff that leased one of the old hangars a decade ago.

My favorite? Without doubt, the Space-Brother-style, 1950s Flying Saucer on the left.

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