Friday, August 12, 2011


In late 2009, I was interviewed on the Jeff Rense Program about my Contactees book and noted that the book contains a chapter on sightings of so-called "Space Brothers" in the vicinity of Stonehenge and Crop-Circles, and their relationship to the whole "Trickster" controversy.

Well, it so happens that I actually built my very own (albeit highly condensed in size, of course!) recreation of Stonehenge in our back-garden some time ago (yes, I know it's weird and I am too!), part of which is shown in the accompanying photo.

So, imagine my surprise when I was out there only a few days after the Jeff Rense interview - cleaning fallen leaves off the fish-pond - when I saw sat atop one of the henge-stones a frog. And a dead and quite shrivelled one at that, too. How it got atop there, and why it did so to only sit and die, I have no idea at all.

But if this isn't some bizarre Trickster-like game of currently-unfathomable proportions, I'll eat my hat! And, as this link shows, the frog is a mysterious creature, indeed.


  1. ah ha we are liking this Nick. Ill have to find you a pic of tegid to go on here !

  2. Obvioudly Tsathoggua has blessed your Henge.