Thursday, August 18, 2011

In Search of Parsons' Ghost

Well, in the immediate wake of yesterday's rock 'n' roll post, here's another - and this one does have a Fortean angle to it.

Late last year, I spent a day or two in the town of Joshua Tree, California, and got to spend a night in the motel-room where none other than Gram Parsons died.

His music does absolutely nothing for me, but it was very cool to see the room, and all the various items, memorabilia etc that can be found within its cramped confines. Not only that: the room is supposedly haunted by the ghost of Parsons himself!

So, I settled down for the night with a huge sandwich and a 6-pack of Heineken and waited...and waited...and waited.

Sadly, no ghost! But, it was a cool and memorable experience nevertheless!


  1. Next time remember...psilocybin...THEN Heineken.

  2. One interesting thing I forgot to mention, there was an interesting article in the collection of magazine clippings etc about how Parsons and Keith Richards went out looking for UFOs. Interesting stuff!

  3. Now, if only Gram Parsons (whose real name was Ingram Cecil Connor III) had been the son of Jack Parsons of CalTech (real name Marvel Whiteside Parsons)we could have ourselves one heck of a High Strangeness Party