Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Back in Black - Again!

On a couple of occasions at this blog (specifically here and here) I have commented on the regular overflights of our house by military and unmarked helicopters. Well I just now - literally - took the accompanying photo, of yet another craft on one of its regular visitations...

Maybe one day they will parachute in for a cup of tea, or a beer or several...


  1. How far are you from the place where the famous Cash-Landrum close encounter happened?

  2. Actually, quite a long way. That was way down by Houston. We're just outside Dallas.

  3. To anyone reading this, you'll probably understand why I asked. The witnesses in that event described large Chynook helicopters like the one you photographed.

    These suckers must drink a lot of gas, so I doubt they take it just for an evening ride, you know ;)