Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Well, given that 2012 is the year that the shit hits the fan, tsunamis pummel the planet, earthquakes decimate whole countries, comets slam into the Earth, and anarchy and chaos erupt everywhere (or so some would have us believe...), I thought I would get in on the act by posting this photo, which has a distinct apocalyptic flavor to it.

I took the picture out in California about a year or so ago, and (for me, anyway) the aging, rotting carcass of this old crane, digger, or whatever it was - situated in a messy mass of mud, and with a long stretch of water behind it - provokes thoughts and images of precisely the sort of things we might expect to see after things fall apart, in 2012 or anytime!

For the record, no I don't think anything of any significance will occur in December 2012, but I do think that, in the long term, the odds are most definitely stacked against us. It's good to think positive!


  1. All of you are too well-dressed and well-feed, so it's not really that apocalyptic to me ;)

    We're having presidential elections down here in Mexico too. And we're soon going to be so flooded with imbecilic campaign ads, that an end of the world is going to appear like an inviting alternative.

  2. Ah, but RPJ, you forget one thing: the survivors of the apocalypse WILL be well-fed, because they will feast - cannibal-style- upon the corpses of the millions of obese, diabetic fatties, whose bodies will be strewn all across the landscape...

  3. Having to rely on the toxic proteins from obese humans that were on a steady diet of monosaturated fats and carbonated sugar? I think I'll stick to cockroaches thanyouverymuch :P

  4. But the cockroaches may be surviving on those sugary souls too!

  5. LOL, that may explain why they have outlived everything else!