Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Redfern Critter Collection!

One of the reasons I enjoy living where I do, is the massive presence of a wide and varied body of strange and over-sized critters of a type that I just never found back in England.

From blue-eyed toads to fat cats, and from mean-looking spiders to winged whatsits, it's all good! Well, aside for my wife, Dana, who recoils in horror every time I bring to her attention that latest beast on which I have stumbled!

Strangest of all was the severed possum head...and the nature of whatever had severed it during the night...

And here's a few photos of them, taken by me over the last couple of years:


  1. The rare headless opossum must be a new cryptid. I wonder how they walk about? Poor fella.

    Actually, Nick, interesting collection of critter pix.

    Horned toads, which of course can no longer be caught and exported out of Texas (for good reasons), are a favorite of mine. Have you seen any of them in the wild?

  2. Loren:
    Yes, being headless is not much fun! Not see one in the wild, no. But wherever I go, there's a camera with me...just in case something pops into view...

  3. Look out for the beast with the face of a scholar and the body of a wild ass!

  4. Dayuuum! those spiders are waaaaay too big for this city boy o_O

  5. RPJ:
    One other thing: We DO live in a city! In Texas, you don't have to live in the wilds of the countryside to see these things LOL.

  6. Well, I guess it comes down to different definitions of 'city'. Down here in the megalopolis I live, the critters you need to watch out from have just one pair of legs ;)