Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Back in Black

Some time ago, I wrote a post at this blog - and included a relevant photo - on the huge wave of sightings of so-called "Black Helicopters" that were occurring right over our house.

Here's the link to the original post.

Eventually, even I got sick of photographing the damn things, such was their regularity.

And, when they went away for a while, I forgot all about it.

But, as of this past week, they are back again, and in force, too.

The above-photo was taken just after noon today, from our back yard.

Helicopters that just happen to be black in color...or black helicopters...?


  1. Do the choppers fly over at regular schedules, or randomly?

  2. It's entirely random. Mostly it's during the day, but varying times, and varying directions. Once, in 2010, we were woken up in the early hours - I think around 3AM - by the familiar "thump-thump" of a double-rotor military helicopter. I went out into the back-yard and could see its lights as it was flying away.

  3. It's weird because thanks to operation Geronimo (the death of Osama) we know the military has incredible stealth technology, with helicopters that you wouldn't be able to hear unless they wanted you to.

    Also, lights? if you're doing a hush-hush op, wouldn't the lights be the first thing to turn off?

    So, has anyone filed a complaint about the choppers in your neighborhood? I hardly think you guys are the only ones annoyed by being waked up repeatedly at such an ungodly hour.

  4. Well, here's the important thing: I work from home, and most of everyone else locally works away from home.

    I see very, very few people during the day, so there's no realization on their part that they are regularly flying over.

    The late-night reports are very infrequent. The daytime ones that are very regular don't get seen by that many people because they're at work miles away.

  5. Nick, you consider, what the ufology is demonology?

  6. I wrote a book called Final Events, which is a study of a group in the US Government that believes that the UFO phenomenon is demonic, in accordance to Christian teachings.

    But, no, I personally don't believe that.

    The book was intended to show how and why the group came to believe that conclusion, but it's not my view.

  7. How you personally consider, what there is phenomenon UFO? What nature in it?
    I thought that you have come to a conclusion about demonology theories UFO.
    Though, ufologists are afraid to distinguish it. John Keel was an exception. Excuse, for my English.

  8. No, I made it very clear that the demon theory was the theory of the group in government that I wrote about.

    I have always made it very clear in every radio and magazine interview for the book I have done that the demonic view is NOT my own, personal view.

    I wrote the book - "Final Events" - to demonstrate what some people in Government think UFOs are.

    But, I did not write the book to endorse their beliefs, because I think they are wrong.

  9. I see. Nick, thanks. You are right. It is necessary to consider all hypotheses. I not so have understood you because of language. The researcher should be without biases.