Friday, January 6, 2012

Flying the Flag of the Saucer People

Yep, this photo is somewhat grainy, but it's one I particularly like, since it was taken during one of my early excursions to the United States (in this case, in 1998), and, thus, provokes a lot of good memories of transatlantic adventures.

The location was the UFO Congress at Laughlin, Nevada, and from left to right are... (A) one of the early players in the Contactee scene, Aleuti Francesca; (B) Contactee Wayne Aho, looking somewhat puzzled and muddled; (C) conspiracy ace Kenn Thomas, who appears with an appropriately suspicious look in his eyes; (D) Reverend Bob Short, a true character from the early years of Space Brother lore; (E) Guy Kirkwood/Mel Noel next to him; and, finally, (F), who I think is Bob's wife, Shirley.

Together, they raised a flag and toasted to those eras of Ufology now long-gone, namely those dominated by isolated desert encounters with human-looking aliens sporting distinctly odd monikers and long blond manes.

And, I was pleased to capture the moment!

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  1. Oh wow! a Pleiadian flag, complete with a Meier Beam ship and all.

    Kenn's "the f$%k am I doin' here" expression is priceless :3