Thursday, September 8, 2011

Mothman on the Mountain

Everyone has heard of the infamous Mothman of Point Pleasant, West Virginia, right?

But what of the Mothman of Trempealeau Mountain, Perrot State Park (so named after Nicolas Perrot, a French explorer), Wisconsin?

Not quite so well known, perhaps! But, it does - allegedly at least - exist.

It was to this monstrous mount that I traveled in late-2009 with the History Channel's Monster Quest team, in search of the legendary beast. And although the winged fiend eluded us (of course!), abundant eyewitness testimony most assuredly did not.

Indeed, as I found out when I roamed around the nearby town of Winona (which we used as our base of operations), the area was an absolute hotbed of tales of the flying monster.

If anyone reading this is looking to write a book on a 21st Century equivalent of Mothman, I'd say this: get yourself to Wisconsin! There's a definite story here that's well worth telling!

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  1. How true, Nick, my boy! And folks can watch that episode of MonsterQuest by clicking here: (or copying and pasting it into their browser).