Saturday, September 17, 2011

Karl's Cap

Taken by me at Aztec, New Mexico in 2003, this photo shows the late Karl Pflock, with who I once planned to write a book on the notorious Silas Newton of "Aztec UFO Crash" infamy.

We actually got quite a bit of research done, and even put a book-proposal together. Newton was such a larger-than-life - and very shady - character that Aztec's crashed saucer saga was actually only going to be just one of many sections of the book.

Indeed, if you want proof of Newton's outrageous actions of the conman variety, check out his FBI file.

As for the rest of the story me and Karl were researching? Well, maybe one day it will all come tumbling out - including (in full) the mysterious story of Karl, Newton's early-1970s journal and its crashed UFO-themed entries, and a clandestine and cloak-and-dagger informant who kicked-off this aspect of the puzzle.

But this was all obviously curtailed, and ultimately came to a halt, when Karl got sick and very tragically passed away back in 2006.

But, I like this photo, as it shows Karl in his CIA cap.

And, unlike some of those controversial characters within Ufology who have claimed CIA backgrounds that are ultimately unverifiable, Karl - as a former employee of "The Company" - really was entitled to wear such a cap!

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