Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cemetery Strangeness

Without doubt, one of Britain's biggest hot-spots for very weird activity of a definitively Fortean variety is the Cannock Chase German War Cemetery, located in the county of Staffordshire.

The cemetery can be found in the sprawling mass of woodland and heath known as the Cannock Chase (hence its name).

If you're wondering, the cemetery takes its name from the fact that it's the final resting place for (a) many of the German prisoners-of-war who died on British soil during the Second World War; and (b) the remains of a number of crews of German military aircraft shot down over Britain during the same war, as well as a handful from the First World War.

You can find out more about the cemetery right here.

But what you won't find at the above-link are the many and varied stories of werewolves (and over-sized wolves), huge black cats, ghostly figures, small hairy humanoids, and much more of a very odd nature that has elected to call the cemetery "home" for years.

I grew up very close to the German Cemetery, and I can say for certain that it's an odd place indeed!

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