Friday, September 23, 2011

Crashed UFO Tourism

Roswell, New Mexico is not alone in celebrating its status as a place with a Ufological past.

Much the same can be said about Aztec, New Mexico - Roswell's "little brother" in the crashed saucer stakes.

Just as Roswell has come to realize that the legendary event of July 1947 brings in the crowds, the people of Aztec have too!

Granted, the sheer, and astonishing, level of tourism that exists in Roswell is not in evidence at Aztec, but it does exist. And, take a drive out to the old, alleged crash site of March 1948 at Hart Canyon, and you'll find this sign commemorating the claimed crash.

I took this photo back in 2003, and unless some obsessive-compulsive collector of crashed saucer-connected memorabilia has stolen in, I'm presuming it's still there...

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  1. That is one extremely cool plaque...especially do I love the line: "Sadly, all occupants, as many as sixteen,died as a result of this crash...."

    I mean, Nick, ASSUMING 9for the sake of speculation that the event happened someone somewhere is showing proper respect for those intrepid travellers from the depths of Outer Space.

    Something all too many of us forget to do when we get caught up in UFO fever.