Friday, September 2, 2011

Blowing Smoke

This photograph was taken by my dad, Frank, back in the late-1960s, and it shows nothing stranger than a smoke-ring at an air-show in England.

On three occasions in the last decade or so, however, people have sent me near-identical images to this one, claiming they have something to do with UFOs. They don't! At all!

You can see such rings all the time at air-shows - as evidence, click on this link.

And if anyone tells you the rings are linked with UFOs, tell them, no they are not. Then tell them to go away.


  1. Sure they are! The little-known photo from the Rex Heflin sequence features a smoke ring that the witness claimed was left after the UFO departed.

    ...although other than that, I know of no other smoke rings associated with UFO sightings.

    BTW, I actually have a pic of a smoke ring from the Miramar air show.

  2. Greg

    Yes, but...!

    Only half a mile from where Heflin took his photos was the El Toro Marine Base Air Station, which holds (even back then) a yearly air show.

    Maybe Heflin actually took the photo there - not at the site of the alleged UFO event...