Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Stone-Faced Alien

Taken by me in October at (of all places!) Devil's Gate Dam, Pasadena, California, where the legendary Jack Parsons did his thing all those decades ago, I came across this odd-looking rock embedded in the track to the dam, and which kind of reminds me of a classic alien "Grey" head.

Of course, the "face" is actually nothing more than a definitive piece of Pareidolia, the process by which the human brain can interpret random imagery as having some meaning or significance behind it.

A classic example being the way in which, at one time or another, most of us have seen faces in clouds. A few people may have seen the face of Jesus Christ in a cheeseburger, Buddha in a bagel, or Elvis in a pumpkin pie.

If you have, then that’s the result of Pareidolia, just like this!

Or, maybe, it's the Trickster at work...

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