Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Secrets of Silbury Hill

One of my favorite of all places to visit (particularly at night!) is England's Silbury Hill, which - as I have come to learn over the years - has become a veritable magnet for paranormal activity.

In 1997 (when the above photo was taken), I learned of two sightings of large "black panthers" having been seen at the foot of the hill at some time back in the late-1960s.

Two years later, I received details of a ghostly, ancient horseman seen behind the hill in 1974.

And in 2010 I was emailed concerning an encounter with what sounds very much like a Mothman-style creature - way back in the 1950s.

One of the days, I'm going to have to write all this up...


  1. I've been through there a time or two. I really love Avebury. That little shop there with all the books and knick knacks is always so inviting to me. I also enjoyed the Park Cafeteria. Best sandwiches I've ever had! I'm always sure to stop by when I'm going through to see the Henge, Circle and Hill. Still have yet to have a Crop Circle experience there. Timing...

  2. Yep! Right at Avebury, and many throughout that part of the UK.