Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Winona's Winged Wonder

A couple of years ago I headed up to Winona, Minnesota to investigate sightings of a Mothman-type beast said to be roaming around the area.

Certainly the most notable report came from a few locals who had heard a strange, years-old story of a giant, winged fiend perched atop this specific high peak that overlooks the town.

Monster-bird? Flying Humanoid? Spectral Pterodactyl?

I have no idea, and certainly the people telling the story were just as puzzled, too.

But, if you ever want to hit the road in search of winged monsters, Winona may be the place to go!


  1. I take it that's a natural formation, though its shape reminds me of Tikal.

  2. Yeah, it is natural, but does look kind of odd!

  3. Yeah, well. ancient people were anything but stupid. If there was already a good enough natural formation they could exploit, why build anything else from scratch?

    So some natural formations were sometimes 'altered' by Man. I think that's the case with the Sphinx —the original antediluvian, anyway ;)