Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Aurora Alien

One of the interesting things about living here in Arlington, Texas is that you're never far from things of a Ufological, Cryptozoological, or conspiratorial nature.

Drive east for 25-minutes and you can be at the infamous Grassy Knoll in downtown Dallas where JFK got whacked in 1963.

Go north for 45-minutes and you can be in the town of Denton, the site of the Goat-Man bridge.

And, head west for about the same amount of time and you will reach the little town of Aurora - the alleged site of a UFO crash way back in 1897, after the craft is said to have collided with the windmill of a certain Judge Proctor.

Yep, this is the old tale of the people of the town supposedly burying - in the local cemetery - the dead alien said to have been found at the scene.

Whenever I have friends in town, they always want to see the cemetery, and of course I'm pleased to oblige! After all, whether or not there's anything to the tale, it has become an undeniable piece of Ufological history and legend.

A small plaque aside, the people of Aurora have chosen not to champion and promote the affair in the fashion that one sees on driving into Roswell, New Mexico. Which may not be a bad thing...


  1. Didn't someone find a strange metal back when the case gain popularity in the 70s or whatever?

  2. Yeah, they did. But like all crashed UFO debris, it proved inconclusive. Ho-hum!