Saturday, October 8, 2011

Welcome To Ghost Road

If you're ever in Texas and you're into weird shit, I most definitely recommend a visit to the sprawling mass of forestland called the Big Thicket - and particularly so its famously nicknamed Ghost Road that runs through the area for around 8-miles.

To say that the place is downright strange is an absolute understatement! From deep within the Big Thicket come stories of ethereal, floating balls of light - not unlike the more famous Marfa Lights.

But, also allegedly in residence within the Big Thicket are Sasquatch-type creatures, wild-men-of-the-woods, and even - supposedly! - isolated pockets of Native American Indians whose tribe vanished into the woods in the 19th Century, never to leave, and who still call the place home.

Anyone wanting to learn more about all the above should most definitely read Rob Riggs' book, In the Big Thicket, which tells the entire, weird tale. I was fortunate enough to spend a weekend out there in the summer of 2005 with Rob, fellow author Paul Devereux, and S. Miles Lewis of the Austin, Texas-based Anomalies Archive, and a memorably weird weekend it was!


  1. My wife and I spent a week there in 2008. We took hours of video of the "ghost light". We even got it to chase our car. Very creepy place and needing a return trip. We also heard frunts in the woods and had objects tossed at us form rhe thick woods. At times the insects, frogs, and other critters would go dead silent, then our EMF and other meters would go beserk, followed by a light ball appearing. Amazing and scary place.

  2. Thanks Storm. Yeah, there's a lot of very weird stuff there. What's interesting is that - as you found - you don't have to be there long to actually stand a good chance of experiencing something.