Friday, October 7, 2011

Greg at Work

I've done Greg Bishop's radio-show - Radio Misterioso - on a number of occasions.

But, until last weekend, I had never actually been to the studio. But it was good to finally see it on Sunday night!

And here's the proof: Greg preparing for the show, in which the two of us took part, along with Walter Bosley and Paul Kimball.


  1. Aha. Somehow I imagined the studio being two floors up and overlooking a busy road. It's easy to picture him going around to close the windows when the sirens are passing.

    It was a good show - a bit like the Binnall 'end of year' ones with you and Greg.

  2. So Nick, when is your complete cover of Inagada Davida going to be released on iTunes? :P

  3. RPJ:

    LOL, I'm not sure the world is quite ready for it yet!