Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Well, it's not Fortean, but in terms of a photo, it's probably worth posting!

Late last night we had violent storms roll in that battered our windows, shook the walls, and generally pounded the whole area with wind and rain.

Typical storms, in other words!

But, as I was watching TV around midnight, there was a sudden almighty bang outside.

I raced to the back-door, quickly opened it, and was confronted by a scene of destruction.

Our big yard tree had taken a direct lightning strike, which had blown off two huge branches - each about a foot thick and around ten or eleven feet long.

Worse, they had come down on the fence, knocking posts clean out of the ground and damaging others.

Needless to say, with extensive wind and numerous smaller branches having been blown off too, the yard looks like a definitive war-zone!

Thankfully, no-one was hurt, which is the main thing. But, what a night!

The photo above shows a small part of the current chaos in the Redfern yard!


  1. Damn!

    Well, like you said, the important thing is that no one was harmed, and neither was your house.

    Storms have the quality to keep us humble at the magnificent power of Nature. They are a reminder of our insignificance, and the illusory quality of our safety.